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Most Popular

  1. Makeup Artist (580 times)
  2. Tactical Assassin Substratum (483 times)
  3. Shadez 2 (448 times)
  4. Mud Bike Racing (430 times)
  5. Treasure Diver (423 times)
  6. Extreme Racing (410 times)
  7. Wings of Glory (398 times)
  8. Mario Racing (389 times)
  9. Dry Fire (373 times)
  10. Playing Field 2 (367 times)


  1. Tactical Assassin Substratum (483 times)
  2. Shadez 2 (448 times)
  3. Halloween Fashion Show (301 times)
  4. Treasure Diver (423 times)
  5. Makeup Artist (580 times)
  6. Playing Field 2 (367 times)
  7. QWERTY Warriors (297 times)
  8. Mass Attack (276 times)
  9. Deep Creatures (254 times)
  10. Dry Fire (373 times)

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  1. admin (75 plays)
  2. vijay (38 plays)
  3. chumma (9 plays)
  4. raja (2 plays)
  5. Dheivendiran (0 plays)
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Attack of the Big Green Munchy Things
(Played: 83)
Big Fish
Eat smaller fish and avoid bigger fish while you complete the objectives.
(Played: 66)
Captain Braidy 3
Captain Braidy's triumphant re-return!
(Played: 70)
Cubi Kill
Play as a stressed out office worker and help him break and kill all that com...
(Played: 105)
Dead Tree Defender
Defend your tree with your mad archery skills!
(Played: 83)
Deep Creatures
There are creatures in the deep...
(Played: 254)
Defend NorthPole
Smack the naughty kids with your candy cane! Ho Ho HO!
(Played: 116)
Copy the shapes as closely as you can.
(Played: 67)
Egg Catcher
Become an Egg Catcher. Play this Free Game. Collect the Eggs in the egg-tray....
(Played: 82)
Fishdom H2O
Fishdom H2O
(Played: 76)
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3
Fuzzy is in ur computer killing ur mice.
(Played: 63)
Gods Playing Field
A great stress reliever.
(Played: 71)
Halloween Fashion Show
Dress Up the boy in Halloween Fashion Show and get scores from the judge to t...
(Played: 301)
Lucky Chakra
Try to collect all the flying Chakras. You will be rewarded 100 points for th...
(Played: 63)
Makeup Artist
You are a new makeup artist in a salon. After learning the basics, you will h...
(Played: 580)
Manta Bomber
Collect the bombs . Don't let them fall
(Played: 81)
Mass Attack
Drop weights to balance the scales. It's much more addictive than it sounds!
(Played: 276)
Nightmare Kingdom
Make your way through this world of nightmares!
(Played: 68)
Plankton Life
Help the plankton become a completely new creature! Avoid, Eat, and Evolve!
(Played: 77)
Playing Field 2
More omnipotent mass destruction!
(Played: 367)
Postal Panic
Snow, rain, heat, evil Prefects... the mail must go through.
(Played: 76)
QWERTY Warriors
Type as fast as you can to survive
(Played: 297)
Romance of Rome
Romance Of Rome game opens as you learn that imperial relics are stolen and t...
(Played: 86)
Royal Ride
Using the Arrow Keys guide our Royal Princess to the other side!
(Played: 85)
(Played: 73)
Stickman Sam 4
Stickman Sam 4
The Stickman mayhem continues!
(Played: 78)
Super HyberDoze
Protect the girl from her bad dreams.
(Played: 76)
Tornado Button Smashing
The name says it all.
(Played: 66)
Tribal Hop
Try to hop as high as possible on top of the sacred temple steps which are su...
(Played: 74)
Unfairy Tales
Enter a twisted fairy tale world in this epic RPG.
(Played: 94)